Projects of European Regional Development Fund

  • ERDF project Nr .VPD1/ ERAF/ CFLA/ 05/ APK/ 2.5.1./ 000047/ 023  „New methods and technologies for production and application of optical fibres”, 2006.-2008.
  • ERDF project Nr.VPD1/ERAF/CFLA/05/APK2.5.1./000062 „Ceramic materials with multilevel micro- and nanostructure”, 2006.-2008.
  • ERDF project Nr. 2010/0221/ 2DP/ „Sol-gel and laser technologies for forming nanostructures and barrierstructures”, 2010.-2013.
  • ERDF project Nr. 2010/0243/ 2DP/ „Development of solar heat accumulating materials by sol-gel and vacuum deposition technologies”, 2010.-2013.
  • ERDF project Nr. 2010/0244/. 2DP/ „Development of innovative composite materials produced from local raw materials”, 2010.-2013.
  • ERDF project Nr. 2DP/ „High efficiency nanoconcrete”, 2010.-2013.
  • ERDF project No 2014/0049/2DP/ “The development of hydrophilic and superhydrophobic nanoparticles containing coatings for steel borosilicate enamel by the use of sol-gel and laser technologies” 2014-2015.